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Our Policies

Welcome to our policies page. Please read over the following policies to help make your Path 2 Flight experience one without turbulence. If you have any questions please contact us at info@path2flight.com

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes cancellations and requests to reschedule happen. Flight participants are required to cancel any experience within 48 hours of the scheduled flight time and flight facilites are responsible to honor rescheduling requests within 30 days of the initial booking.

Transaction fees

In addition to the monthly $29 subscription fee, Path 2 Flight also has a 10% transaction fee on each booking. This helps us to provide you with the very best customer service.


Each date you schedule through Path 2 Flight should only include Path 2 Flight guests. Participants who book through other platforms must be hosted at separate times unless communicated otherwise.

Terms & Conditions

How does Path 2 Flight handle payments to the facilites?

On the day of the flight experience the participant will be required to show a special code which you will enter into your account. This alerts Path 2 Flight to add the amount of the flight experience to your account's balance.

What criteria do you use in selecting member flight facilites?

Path 2 Flight's goal is to maintain the highest standards for flight facilites with respect to industry business practices and professionalism. This gives the general public and the other member facilites comfort in knowing that Path 2 Flight offers the very best in the industry.

Can more than one flight facility use the same account?

We respectfully ask that you refrain from doing so. Path 2 Flight's policies state that it prohibited to share passwords with any third party and it is not permitted to post any flight experience under your own subscription that are not you own.

How do I contact someone at Path 2 Flight?

Customer service is one of our top priorities. If for any reason you would like to talk to a Path 2 Flight representative simply send an email request to support@path2flight.com and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

What is the participant policy for a cancellation of a flight experience?

Path 2 Flight keeps within industry standards by requiring participants to cancel any scheduled flight experience 48 hours before the initial start of the booked experience.

Can I cancel my membership?

If you must go, canceling your membership is easy. Unless we communicate otherwise, you may terminate your subscription at any time before your subscription renews by letting us know via email at admin@path2flight.com.

Our full terms of use can be read here