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Los Angeles, CA

Be the Pilot

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This discovery flight gives you the opportunity to actually hands-on fly an airplane. Accompanied by an experienced instructor, you will be at the controls during the taxi out to the runway, takeof...

Discovery Flight

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Knowing where to start is one of the toughest aspects of learning to fly. This flight offers the perfect solution by offering a hands-on, scenic Discovery Flight with one of our experienced instruc...

Coastal Flight

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Learn to fly with a certified instructor with this Discovery Flight Lesson. This hour long introductory flight in a Cessna 172 will take you around the beautiful coast of South Florida. Don't forge...

Discover Soaring

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Experience a breathtaking 20-minute flight as you soar over the beautiful desert landscape of the Angeles National Forest with an experienced certified commercial pilot. You will be towed to 2,500 ...

Helicopter Intro

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You can learn to fly a helicopter! Our Intro Helicopter Flight Lesson include 60 minutes ground school and 30 minutes in the air, a GoPro video of your flight, and an SFAR 73 training certificate, ...

Seaplane Discovery

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Interested in learning how to fly a Seaplane but not sure? Take this discovery flight with one of our instructors and do a little lake hopping, aerial photography, or simply experience the feel of ...