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Path 2 Flight

Path 2 Flight is dedicated to building the future of flight by supporting the industry's latest technology and trends. The future of aviation is filled with exciting innovations that can propel anyone into the skies above earth and beyond. We are excited to support this great industry by introducing it to people one flight at a time.

Our Goals

Path 2 Flight's goal is to make it easier for people to break the law of gravity. Whether it is by soaring over a mountain top, racing through the sky or propelling out of the atmosphere, we want people to fly.

Path 2 Flight offers an easy introduction to flight which allows people to experience the joy of leaving terra firma. Our next goal is to make earning a pilot's license as easy as earning a driver's license through supporting technologies that have the ability to make this happen.

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What's Next

The future of aviation is filled with virtual reality, electric airplanes and space flight. Aviation holds the key to revolutionize the ways we participate in a variety of flight experiences, the ways we commute back and forth to work, as well as to introduce us to new parts of the world and beyond.

Path 2 Flight has a vision for a new aviation industry. The technology to change the world is here and we are building a community of people who are excited about it so we can bring these advances to market sooner than later.

Our Team

Path 2 Flight was founded in 2018 by two passionate individuals with significant experience in both the aerospace and aviation industries

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Jill Rutan Hoffman

Founder, CEO

Jill Rutan Hoffman is a twice published author and serial entrepreneur. She grew up in the legendary Rutan aviation family, daughter of Dick Rutan and niece of Burt Rutan, whose record-breaking planes and spacecraft hang in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

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Lars Hoffman


Col (USAF, ret) Lars Hoffman is a highly decorated Air Force test pilot and former Commandant of the US Air Force Test Pilot School. Lars has extensive experience in the flight training industry and in the fields of national security and aerospace.

Our Partners

Path 2 Flight is fortunate enough to collaborate with many innovative companies, government organizations, and nonprofits in an effort to support the aviation industry as a whole.

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