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Discovery Flight

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Knowing where to start is one of the toughest aspects of learning to fly. This flight offers the perfect solution by offering a hands-on, scenic Discovery Flight with one of our experienced instruc...

Helicopter Intro

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You can learn to fly a helicopter! Our Intro Helicopter Flight Lesson include 60 minutes ground school and 30 minutes in the air, a GoPro video of your flight, and an SFAR 73 training certificate, ...

Seaplane Discovery

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Interested in learning how to fly a Seaplane but not sure? Take this discovery flight with one of our instructors and do a little lake hopping, aerial photography, or simply experience the feel of ...

Coastal Flight

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Learn to fly with a certified instructor with this Discovery Flight Lesson. This hour long introductory flight in a Cessna 172 will take you around the beautiful coast of South Florida. Don't forge...

Be the Pilot

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This discovery flight gives you the opportunity to actually hands-on fly an airplane. Accompanied by an experienced instructor, you will be at the controls during the taxi out to the runway, takeof...

Discover Soaring

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Experience a breathtaking 20-minute flight as you soar over the beautiful desert landscape of the Angeles National Forest with an experienced certified commercial pilot. You will be towed to 2,500 ...

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Experience everything from hot air balloons, to flying upside down, to earning a pilot's license.

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It is all about the future and building a better tomorrow. Path 2 Flight features the latest in innovative thinking.

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The Future of Flight

Path 2 Flight is dedicated to building the future of flight by supporting the industry's latest technology and trends. The future of aviation is filled with exciting innovations that can propel you into the skies above earth and beyond.

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Path 2 Flight sees an exciting future where flying is as easy as driving a car and soaring higher is only limited by the imagination.

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Electric Planes

We intend to serve general aviation by supporting innovative electric and solar-electric propulsion technologies to aviation markets. Learn more about the incredible Sun Flyer.

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VR Training

Discover how virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality technologies are being applied to the aviation industry. Learn more about VR Flight.

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Space Flights

Sub-orbital, orbital and deep space flights are just around the corner! Learn more at SpaceX.

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